Captain: Szymon Priebe
Network Tooling Masterminds
Nagios Knights
Captain: Paulina Lejda-Kotkowska
Nagios Knights take care of CMF (monitoring tool) but a lot of people still call our tool "Nagios" because a part of CMF is indeed based on one of Nagios' open source projects called Nagios Core.
Świeżaki z Atos
Captain: Magdalena Arcimowicz
10 różnych osób, których połączyła 1 firma. Od kwietnia 2022 dla 9 osób rozpoczęła się przygoda z Atos. Część osób pochodzi z Łodzi i część z Wrocławia, ale razem Krasnale z Wrocławia wypływają Łodzią na szerokie wody branży IT.
Bouncing team
Captain: Paulina Olbryś
Every time I bounce I feel I could touch the sky.
Trzynaście Twarzy
Captain: Eleonora Iwińska-Malinowska
Best ARAA team!
Menażeria Siemensa
Captain: Karol Pilat
We are a collection of captive, exotic and diverse humans, kept for display...
Sassy Assets
Captain: Arkadiusz Krakowski
mostly but not limited to Asset Administrators team in GPO/BPO
Procurement Poland
Captain: Dominika Rybacka
We are a part of Global Procurement Team, located in Bydgoszcz.
Les Champions
Captain: Hanna Sobiechowska
We are French Services Team within Bridge PL. We come from different places in whole world, but we are all united and we love spending time together! We are an energetic, and competitive team. We are here to have fun, create stronger relationships and win while at it :)
dej na holda TEAM
Captain: Justyna Klamrowska
Just Do It Later
BEL-HIT squad
Captain: Malgorzata Sadowska
What would you get if put together Bridge EOC Belgian support and Hitachi members? The best possible mix! We see far further than any monitoring device and we are up for the challenge!
DCarcH - DCH
Captain: Robert Dudek
Hello Atos Colleagues, We are an Engineering and Architects Team from DCH who would like to take a challenge in this game and have a lot of fun. Our motto is: " Failure is not an option here" - what used to say one of our Teammates from DCH and “If you can dream it, you can do it.” - following Walt Disney advice. So, let's get ready to rumble! Kind Regards
Som Gorsi
Captain: Anita Klasło
Most creative and motivated to win at IAM ;)
Invisible Hand
Captain: Magdalena Lamparska
We, the Invisible Hand team, come from the most inspiring and beloved place in Atos. We silently make your world cyber-secured, well organized, more enjoyable and ... just amazing! Check what we can do.
Galopujące Jednorożce
Captain: Agata Cyran
The brightest stars of Worldline Team ;)
SMC Team
Captain: Szymon Grabara
Process management team including: Config, Problem, SLM and Change.
keep cALM it's urgent
Captain: Joanna Markowska-Kozińska
Zespół od rzeczy niemożliwych
Captain: Patrycja Czmuda
Gang of unknown people motivated to become the best team players
Dam pracę
Captain: Anna Napiórkowska
HR HRowi HRem ;)
Captain: Beata Kwiatkowska-Oparka
We are the BBX and Netpro automation team! :)
Captain: Adrian Biczysko
Kolejna UDKA płynąca w kierunku dobrej zabawy z niespodziewanym, ale cennym wrocławskim bonusem. Pełni wiary, z głowami wypełnionymi pomysłami i nieprzekupni.
Captain: Karolina Mądrzyk
We are Atos. We are DWP. We are Made4Win! Born from blood, sweat and greatness - we just came here to win it all!
Captain: Maciej Czapkowski
Group of young talents with years of experience of any sorts ;)
Professional Crastinators
Captain: Michalina Radziszewska
"We plan what we do, but can we do what we've planned?" This team is about to find out! We are Project Managers who are working using their best practices.
Mindset Is Everything
Captain: Anna Zurawska
We like fun, adventures and challenges. Vote4Us!
Klałd Tim
Captain: Ewelina Kufta-Hałat
Muppets Conquerors
Captain: Katarzyna Gajewska
Dream Team from CO&A6 :)
Captain: Magdalena Kujawska
We are from the Digital Transformation Consultancy department, supporting our Atos clients in various projects. We work hard, but we also like to laugh and have fun. The Atos values are significant to us, and we are in the Gamification to show it to the Atos world.
The Voice of Atos
Communication is our competence and it is time to Choose Your Voice ;)
Captain: Milena Trząsała
Waterfall in sprints
Internet Explorers
Captain: Przemysław Misztal
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Dziwne, U Mnie Działa
Captain: Marcin Pietruszewski
We are in charge of something